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ARCTIC Medium roast Single Origin coffee for cold brew

ARCTIC Medium roast Single Origin coffee for cold brew

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Specially selected for cold brew, this roast boasts a unique taste that will have you coming back for more.

CUPPING NOTES: Medium Acidity, Creamy Body, Lemon, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Well Balanced
REGION: Chiapas
ALTITUDE: 1,400M -1,900 M
VARIETALS: Typica, Catimor, and Bourbon

FESICH was founded in 2016 represented by over 1,500 producers located in the Jaltenango region of the Chiapas state in the Southern most part of Mexico, bordering Guatemala. The cup profile is unique and complex due to the diversity of the landscape and elevations. Coffee is grown on hillsides intermixed with other native plants and fruit bearing trees.

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Grind explained

Coffee grind refers to the size of the particles of coffee that result from grinding beans. The size of the grind can affect the flavor and strength of the resulting coffee, and different brewing methods require different grind sizes.


Net Wt 12oz (340g)

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